Check out to save money.

A sure sign of the times is the kind of role model we turn to for inspiration, and in 2011 the “coupon diva” is in. Gone are the the June Cleaver, Mary Tyler Moore, Murphy Brown and Carrie Bradshaw characters of days past. Today’s woman has woken from the long happy dream of white picket fences into a reality where saving money is a new living ideal.   Read More »

The M2 Image narrowly avoids being lost to the net-herworld!

Wheew! I have to say, I dodged a bullet for this blog today.   Read More »

Things Ahead for M2 Imaging

It is that time of the year again. The weather is cooling, the sky grows dark earlier and earlier. Children are back to school, and so far Fall 2009 is looking to become one of our busiest seasons ever!   Read More »

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