10 HTML Entity Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

This decent article about web typography points out some of the most commonly used and misused “special” typographical entities and provides their corresponding HTML codes.

I don’t know if Chris is entirely sure in his own mind about why certain glyphs are used, but at least he knows that it’s important to use them, and what their codes are. I admit, that even though I’m super picky about using proper typography when setting type for print, I kind of let it slide when working on my blog stuff.

(C’mon, admit it, it’s easier to use OPTION+SHIFT+[right bracket], than it is to type "’" every time you need to use an apostrophe)

This article is a good reminder if nothing else.

Do you know what color this sash is? Are you sure?


Language is always changing, as is the psychology of color, and just psychology in general. Tonight I came across this interesting article about how the naming and understanding of color has changed over the centuries.

All your customers are crazy (they’re people too)

An interesting read from business psychologist Peter Shallard points out that people buy the way people do, not the way faceless, emotionless corporations do, and that in actuality the two are the same thing.   Read More »

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