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A sure sign of the times is the kind of role model we turn to for inspiration, and in 2011 the “coupon diva” is in. Gone are the the June Cleaver, Mary Tyler Moore, Murphy Brown and Carrie Bradshaw characters of days past. Today’s woman has woken from the long happy dream of white picket fences into a reality where saving money is a new living ideal.

Francine Morrell didn’t go looking for the coupon diva title. Like many going into the recession of 2008, she found herself faced with a shrinking budget, growing demands for cash, tightening credit, and few places to turn. When she lost her job as art director at a prominent Long Island boating magazine, she turned to couponing as a way to stretch the family dollar.

Francine’s deal hunting success soon earned her the admiration of friends and family. She used to send links to the coupon/sale combinations she found so her friends on Facebook could get free stuff too. “People used to say to me, you should have a blog,” she recalls. “One day, as I left CVS with bags full of product I was paid to take, I decided my friends were right. became Francine’s way to broadcast money-saving tips and daily coupon deals to a wider audience. “Lots of moms don’t have the time or patience to find deals that could save them a ton of money, so I do all the work for them, and put it right there on my blog. also provides links to other coupon services, online discount shopping and rebate sites. With one stop a day at, a shopper can provide more for their families than ever before. Be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter to get the same deals delivered straight to your inbox.

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