The M2 Image narrowly avoids being lost to the net-herworld!

Wheew! I have to say, I dodged a bullet for this blog today.

After upgrading to WordPress 2.8.6, I was suddenly getting a “error connecting to the database” error. (You may have seen it if you’ve visited in the past week.

I’m not a MySQL wiz, but at one point I futzed around with the MySQL admin and backup manager for a little while, saving two files… a tiny (4k) .sql file, and a more robust 800k .dmp file. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to use them, but armed with the hope that I had successfully backed up all my precious information, I went poking around in the files, looking for the error.

I tried everything, including recreating various users, moving directories around, and at last, I was ready to give up hope that I would ever see my blog again. I got ready to recreate the database from scratch and reinstall Wordpress.

Suddenly, I chanced across a FAQ file that said I had to go into MySQL and click on “access” under the user of my choice in order to run scripts in MySQL (like restoring database backups!) and so, I went in. I tried restoring the .sql file I’d created earlier this week, which worked, but when it was finished, I had NO tables and (0) data in my database! Oh no! I tried loading up wp-admin, and got the ‘clean install’ message, as if using Wordpress for the very first time. Ack.

Okay, I thought, and started redoing all the settings of my new blog. Nothing was working. I was going to have to figure out how to reprogram my theme all over again. As I was about to type out the humiliating, defeated “Welcome to the new M2 Image” post, I thought, hey, I never tried that larger .dmp file. I wonder f that one will work. The file size is definitely bigger.

So, I went back into the MySQL manager and imported the .dmp file the same way I had the .sql file earlier. joila!

5 minutes later I was typing this post of victory. I hope it gives optimistic buoyancy to someone else’s WordPress upgrade quest. I’m a design guy, and sometimes the back-end code is just magical runes to me. If anyone else is struggling with this problem, keep your hopes up for complete recovery! Success is possible! :D

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