Things Ahead for M2 Imaging

It is that time of the year again. The weather is cooling, the sky grows dark earlier and earlier. Children are back to school, and so far Fall 2009 is looking to become one of our busiest seasons ever! America seems to be rumbling with the beginnings of economic recovery, and those of us in the graphic design field seem to be getting our first wave of interest from the business community as their machinations begin to warm up.

Not that freelancers like the artists at M2 Imaging took much of a hit. As large companies laid off staff and increased marketing efforts in order to compete, freelance artists became very much in demand. In fact, many of our friends and coworkers found themselves with more work than they could handle! That situation couldn’t last forever, though, and as more and more graphic artists entered the freelance arena (whether by choice or otherwise), and as advertising coffers were emptied at companies already hurting, the pendulum was bound to swing the other way.

Fortunately, the mood of the nation seems to be changing. Despite some surprises in employment numbers recently, most analysts and politicians say that things are looking up, and the public is ready for this good news. M2 Imaging has received many more inquiries than it did in August and September of the previous year, when things were beginning to fall apart.

Of course, this is not all by chance. Some of our busy work is of our own making. Exciting things are happening at the studio, including publishing deals for several of M2 Imaging founder Marc Morrell’s comic book projects. Contacts at indie comic book giant Nifty Comics confirmed that they will be publishing two World of Terrok titles as they are completed, and that there have been talks about a novel. Marc is also near wrapping up the design on another personal project — a T-shirt design for his class reunion.

M2 Imaging has landed the design work for the Hunter Pace Pony Club journal, and continues to art direct a few ad books and magazines that it does on a monthly basis.

As if this didn’t keep Francine and Marc busy enough, Francine gave birth to their second child in August. Jordan Thomas Morrell was born 8lbs 2oz, and is doing great, and smiling like a champ 6 weeks later. Congratulations M2 crew! How long until those boys will be setting type?

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