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I have to say, I’m a bit of a sucker for unique self-marketing ideas, and although I don’t have a big budget, there are a few services I’ve taken advantage of.

My latest obsession is one-off printing services. You’ve seen their like, I’m sure. Popularized by CafePress.com, these on-demand print stores seem to be popping up everywhere. I’ve checked a number of them out, and recently I actually nibbled, in the hopes of being hooked.

I got one in black! --Marc

I got one in black! --Marc

Twit Shirt is a relatively new service, that allows you to purchase T-Shirts on-demand, printed with a Twitter tweet of your choice.

It’s an interesting idea. Say you are following a particularly sage sage or witty wit, and they tweet something that should be preserved for the ages. Or you just want to see it on a shirt. Well, now within minutes, you can get that tweet on a shirt in a stylized word balloon, credited with their Twitter handle and the time and date their words were given generously to the public.


Of course, there are a couple catches.

Due to copyrights, I’m sure, you may currently only purchase Twit Shirts if your expert of choice has opted into the program.

Secondly, the shirts aren’t cheap; $20 and about $6 in shipping will get you your shirt in North America in about 3 days. By comparison, this is several dollars more than a comparable shirt from CafePress.

Thankfully, there are pro’s to counter those con’s.

Yes, ordering from Twit Shirt would save you the trouble of resetting, styling, rasterizing, and uploading a similar shirt to your CafePress store, and for what it’s worth, comes with the added legitimacy of Twit Shirt’s say-so that yes, this was indeed tweeted, by a real person, on Twitter, as credited.

Finally, if you are the expert or sage in question, you can actually make money on these shirts. $1 each goes to the tweet’s author (which means that if you buy your own shirt, it only costs you $19 once you get a payout.) If you have a bunch of followers who hang on your every word, you never know—maybe you could make a few bucks.

Which brings me to my conclusion. M2 Imaging is now opted-in for the Twit Shirt program. If you would like a shirt (in red, blue, black, gray, and in either Men’s or Women’s styles) of one of our Twitter tweets, just visit our Twit Shirt feed here.

Thank you, and see you on Twitter!

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