World of Terrok Official Blog

M2 Imaging is currently in the process of launching the official World of Terrok fantasy blog.

The World of Terrok, as seen on a travelers map

The Continent of Terrok, as seen on a traveler's map

This site, called a “worldblog” by creator and M2 co-founder Marc Morrell, will feature news, articles, fiction, and art based on the World of Terrok fantasy setting. At the moment it is located in a subdirectory of the M2 Imaging website (, but when full grown and ready to move out on its own, it will live on a freestanding domain for all to enjoy.

At the moment Letters from Terrok is still in beta, getting its kinks worked out and its “look and feel” polished, but feel free to stop in and enjoy exclusive Morrell sketches, news about upcoming novel and comic book projects, and whatever else is happening in the World of Terrok. (And when it moves out, we’ll redirect you because we’re knocking down a wall and extending the master bedroom. )

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