Tips for new businesses suggested today that new business owners should buy all their printing/advertising materials from one place.

They point out that having your artwork and logo on file and in the hands of professionals is your best bet for a consistent brand identity, quality design and typesetting, and I might add, as a repeat customer it gives you more clout with your printer. Any professional printer who gets paid on time for regular work is going to give a good customer?preferential?treatment. This good treatment translates into consideration when you have tight deadlines, late night shipping drops to consider, and your own clients to please. We’re talking treatment you won’t get from your local $8/hour copyshop slave. Finally, when sales and specials are made available, chances are ’subscribing’ clients will hear about them first.?

M2 Imaging would be a great company to have handle all your design and printing needs. We work one on one with our clients to build relationships, brands, and business futures. In an increasingly visual and identity driven marketplace, the importance of good print work and a pervasive web?presence?just can’t be ignored. We would be happy?

To set up an appointment on Long Island to go over your printing needs, or to be contacted by email or phone if you live elsewhere in the US, just email us today.

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