Welcome to the M2 Image, a blog for and about the graphic arts and printing community. Here, we will discuss the industry and tips for success in planning, designing, buying, and creating printed materials. My hope is that in some small way I will be able to help people learn from my experience, avoid costly mistakes, and take their presentations, stationery, brochures and what have you to the next level.?

I have been involved in the publishing, printing and retail copy center industry for more than 13 years. An artist, “tech guy” and manager, I tend to be the guy clients get sent to when they don’t know what they want, or when they don’t know how to do what they want. Every circumstance or project is unique, but most have similarities that I can highlight here and thereby help people I’ve never even met.?

I welcome your involvement and enjoyment, and hope that everyone who finds this can get some use out of it. If you are a writer in this field and want to join the M2 community, that would be great! I would welcome that too. This blog is not about me, it is about graphic design. Please share your success stories, your tips, and if you are self-confident enough, even your failures if we can learn from them.

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