Welcome to M2 Imaging

Hello, and welcome to M2 Imaging, home of the graphic design and fine art stylings of Marc and Francine Morrell. This edition of our website was uploaded recently , and marks the first time the M2Imaging.com website was integrated with our wordpress blog (formerly at blog.m2imaging.com). As such, there are still a few kinks to work out in navigation, but overall I think you will agree that this new look suits our site much better than the previous.

Feel free to look around. If you are a potential client, then this site was made for you! Please browse our gallery, then call or email us so we can make you look good in print or on the web. If you are a prepress tech, artist, or print buyer, you might be interested in the insights and stories we have collected for you on our blog! Subscribe to our RSS feed for all the latest posts, and follow us on Twitter for minute by minute updates in status here at M2.